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Thank you so much for visiting my site. I am a singer/songwriter of sorts, and decided to start this site as a way for people to listen to a sample of my music, find out where I am currently playing, and what events I will be playing for in the future. Also you will be able to order CDs on-line soon.

Although I do play secular music for certain venues, I consider myself mainly a contemporary Christian artist. My aim in life is to continue to grow in my relationship with Christ, my family, and with my music. I hope you will sign my guest book and give me your thoughts on what you liked/didn’t like on the site or what you think would make it better. It is a work in progress so I will be tweaking it as I go and someday I hope to have a highly polished product for you.

I hope that this site will continue to grow, get better, and be an interesting place for you to visit once in a while.

I hope to meet you in person for weekly mass at St. Stephen the Martyr Church in Renton , WA (Sunday evenings) or at one of the other events I may be playing for.

God Bless You,

Your Friend in Christ,

-Steve Olson