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Someone/thing Hijacked My Website

I was notified by more than one person that when they tried to access my website to check out my playing calendar they were surprised. Needless to say so was I. Turns out that somehow my site was overtaken by some Canadian On-Line Pharmacy and all that would show were ads for Cealis, the male enhancer pill.

Being IT illiterate I am not quite sure how that happened but it did. A bunch of phone calls and a couple of hundred dollars later, I should be back on track. Sorry for the interruptions. Hope to see you at Sigillo’s this Saturday night.

Sore Losers

Well I think you all can agree that one of the ugliest presidential elections of all time just took place. Doesn’t matter which candidate you sided with, I think we all had reasons for great disappointment with our candidates. First off, the most important matter to me is not border control, healthcare insurance, economy, and definitely not emails. These of course are all important issues but for me, a Catholic, and 3 time adoptive parent, the protection of the life of a child is first and always will be first.

I don’t think that when we get to meet our maker we will be asked if we supported the Wall, or if we thought it was okay for Hillary to use a private server. In my heart, I do believe that we may very well be confronted with the issue why we helped someone get elected who thought partial birth abortion, or any type of abortion was okay for that matter? If I recall “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is a pretty prominent order from God.

There are many who say “I couldn’t do it but I can’t make that decision for someone else” and clear their conscience with that. I hope to God that if you saw a person harming a newborn you would try everything to stop that person and not just say “well it’s that person’s child so I guess they can kill it. I could never do it but that’s between them and God”.  Of course not! So what makes a big difference if that child is protected in the womb, alive with a heartbeat and maybe just days from entering our world??? That child needs someone to speak for it/protect it.  I just don’t get it!!

Have you ever seen or are aware of how a partial birth abortion is performed?? The surgeon (murderous butcher) delivers the head of the child makes an incision on the top of the skull and they suck out the brains. ALL WITHOUT ANY ANESTHESIA !!!! God forgive us all for allowing this to occur. And you want to face God someday and tell Him that you cast your vote to put someone in power who thought that was okay??? Well God help you!

Donald Trump was certainly not my first choice. He was an embarrassment time and time again. There were times that I wondered if he really was a Christian, but he was, in my opinion, clearly the better choice of the two based on the right to life alone. A stay-at-home and don’t vote, or a vote for one of the third party candidates was the same as giving another vote to Hillary. Something I could not do with a clear conscience.

Losing is not pleasant. When Obama won in 2008 I felt sick to my stomach and thought oh well, in 4 years we can vote him out. Then 2012 came and he got elected again. I was heartbroken but never once did I think that I should go downtown and start burning  and smashing things to show my disappointment. The liberals try to put themselves out there as the compassionate ones, the accepting and open ones. The ones who want to have all this open discourse about ideas and their vision for a better world. The peaceful “flower children”. What a bunch of  CRAP!!! As long as you agree and see things their way then they are ready to Kumbaya!

If you don’t agree with them they call you a racist, sexist, homophobe monster who doesn’t care about the world we live in and take to the streets. Peaceful protests are one thing. Burning out stores, throwing things at police, blocking streets to interfere with peoples lives, screaming obscenities are a totally different matter. This country is obviously nearly split down the middle as far as ideologies go. The pendulum tends to swing both ways every few years and that can’t be denied. But when was the last time you saw conservatives rioting over a loss in an election?? It doesn’t happen. They feel disappointment just as much as anyone else and that is natural of course. We are supposed to be a civilized society but that only seems to apply to half of us at times like this. Maybe it is the way we were raised. This is the “everyone gets a trophy” generation and they haven’t ever had to deal with loss and disappointment so they  act out like immature little kids or un-caged animals. “I’m really mad so I have to break something until I get my way”.

Well GROW THE HELL UP! it’s not the end of the world. Its an election and in your lifetime your candidate will win sometimes and lose sometimes. Learn to deal with defeat graciously. Your behavior is only amplifying people’s dislike for you and maybe the reason you lost in the first place. We are all Americans for crying out loud and we can work out our differences or cant you? Whose the party of tolerance, open-mindedness and compassion? The liberals are certainly not demonstrating that they are. All these people who are saying they are moving to Canada because of an election? Once again..GROW UP or good riddance! If you are not the kind of person who wants to work on issues and be gracious in defeat well then just maybe America would be better off without you.  Sorry for ranting but had to get that off my chest.

God Bless


I-phone Crash AAAAGGGHHH!

For unknown reason my I-phone just crashed and dumped all of my information that was on it. I am a Technological Dimwit when it comes to these things and unfortunately I was not regularly backing things up on ITunes like I was supposed to. This is my fault of course but I plead ignorance…..because I was really ignorant!  At any rate I have lost all my contact information, all past text messages, a nice bunch of photos that I really wanted, and who knows what else. So for those of you who happen to have my number and have to contact me, please include your name in the message so I know who I am talking to. I never took the time to memorize your numbers because your name would always come up. Made it easy. Too Easy! So if you haven’t called or texted me in a while please do so so that I can re-record your name in my phone!!! Man I am so disappointed in myself. Oh well! Hope you are having a wonderful summer. It has been record-setting dry and hot here in the Pacific Northwest. Yuck! Not why I moved here. I love the green and fresh air that rain brings with it. “And this too will change” which was written by a very wise man a long long time ago.

God Bless!