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Obama Changes Tune

Posted Feb 10th, 2012

The word is that our President Obama is announcing later on today that he is revamping his policy on making Catholic and other religious organizations dispense abortion and birth control medications. Gee isn’t he a sensitive kind person? He and the Democrats were willing to try and shove this down our throats even though he knew damn well that it was against our religious beliefs. I wonder if it is because people of conscience were not willing to just sit back and take it. Gee you think it was because of election year????…..hmmmmhmmmm!  Just not sure on that one!  What a Creep! I pray to God that he loses this election! There is so much at stake this time. This is the most important election that I have ever had the opportunity to vote in. Please make sure that you and everyone you know is up on the facts and excercises his/her right to vote. We can still turn this country around.  Although having the people vote can be kind of scary. Thats how we elected Obama in the first place. A guy with such little experience (community organizer..whoopde do) and such radical ideas designed to take away freedoms from us. Well how is all that “hope and change” working out for you??  Oh well, don’t mean to rant.