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I-phone Crash AAAAGGGHHH!

Posted Jul 6th, 2015

For unknown reason my I-phone just crashed and dumped all of my information that was on it. I am a Technological Dimwit when it comes to these things and unfortunately I was not regularly backing things up on ITunes like I was supposed to. This is my fault of course but I plead ignorance…..because I was really ignorant!  At any rate I have lost all my contact information, all past text messages, a nice bunch of photos that I really wanted, and who knows what else. So for those of you who happen to have my number and have to contact me, please include your name in the message so I know who I am talking to. I never took the time to memorize your numbers because your name would always come up. Made it easy. Too Easy! So if you haven’t called or texted me in a while please do so so that I can re-record your name in my phone!!! Man I am so disappointed in myself. Oh well! Hope you are having a wonderful summer. It has been record-setting dry and hot here in the Pacific Northwest. Yuck! Not why I moved here. I love the green and fresh air that rain brings with it. “And this too will change” which was written by a very wise man a long long time ago.

God Bless!