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Election Day Eve!

Posted Nov 6th, 2012

Well it seemed that tomorrow would never get here. This has been a long, drawn out, hard fought election process for sure! I went to church tonight to pray that Americans choose the right path tomorrow and that we have a leader who really will restore our country to it’s full glory or at least get us moving in the right direction. The church was closed so I just parked my car in a quiet spot and prayed in the car. As I sat there I realized what really bothered me that this election is going to be very close whoever wins unless God puts His hand in it to help it along ie. a miracle. As you have probably realized from my other postings I tend to be on the conservative side however I can understand that there are differences between me and some of my liberal friends that are basically just a difference in approach to accomplish the same goals. I’m no economist and I certainly have a limited knowledge whe it comes to financial issues concerning on the best way to get the budget balanced.   7.8 billion stimulus to jumpstart the economy versus trickle down economics? The best way to provide health coverage for the most people for the least amount of money. I think Republicans and Democrats alike want this country to prosper and grow and be a shining beacon for the rest of the world to look to and ascribe to. I think no party (Islamist extremists excluded) want to see America fall down. There are many who say that Barack Obama’s dream (Dreams From My Father) would be to do just that, to make us pay for our past sins as colonialists. I dn’t know what is truly in the man’s heart so it is hard for me to say, although I often tend to believe he is very socialistic/Marxist in his actions. I can see that at times the only difference between us is the actual plan we want to put in place to accomplish our country’s goals.  What I find distressing is the great divide on some of the moral issues. I am, of course, very pro-life whereas some of my friends have no problems with a woman killing her baby….I mean terminating the fetus!  The same goes for assisted suicide or euthenasia for the elderly. I just can’t see how someone can justify terminating a life period! One of the main things bothering me is that almost half the people in the United States believe that it is okay to do such a thing. ALMOST HALF!  I believe that I am right in my beliefs and that those beliefs are what God would want for this nation.  Apparently there is close to half the nation that believe I am wrong.  If Romney doesn’t win does it mean God has ignored my prayers and those of millions of others. If Obama loses does it mean that God has chose to ignore the prayers of the left?  No matter how it all works out I would venture to guess that the left may not really have much faith in prayers to begin with. How religious can you be to say it is okay to snuff out the life of an innocent unborn child? If my prayers are not answered by tomorrow night (actually tonight) then I guess I have to accept it as God’s will and perhaps he has a much bigger plan in store for us. That is somewhat unsettling to think about as well but it wouldn’t be the first time in my life that things appear to be hopeless when all of a sudden events happen to turn around the situation and I then realize why things unfolded the way they did.  All in God’s plan, all in God’s plan.   Perhaps this next election could have dire conseqences for the our nation and perhaps it won’t. Please get out and vote for your candidate like the future of this nation really depends on it because this time it just may. I am sorry for the rambling here. It is almost 3:00 in the morning and I am a bit rummy right now. God Bless!