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2012 is off and running

Posted Jan 16th, 2012

Hi All,

Made it through the Christmas Season this year fairly unscathed. I was tired of course like we all are from activities including shopping, parties, school and church events, and shopping (I know I already mentioned that but my wife LOVES to shop).  Once she is in a store, with a shopping mission in her plans, she is not leaving until the lights are flickering to close.I don’t know how she does it. If it is Home Depot or Costco I am all in.  Other than those two stores I would almost rather have lepropsy than stand around looking at 7 different outfits (that are almost identical) then picking out one,  waiting in line at the register to pay,  then decide the next day to return it the next day because “I just don’t like the way it looks on me”.  It’s no secret that men and women have different mindsets when they go into a store to purchase something. Men, being the hunters and warriors, have a plan all laid out:  Me can picture pants, me know where pants are so me go directly to pants and pick them up. Then me go directly to pay for pants and return to car. Me keep my mind on pants and not look at anything else.

Women on the other hand, are gatherers. Cave women stayed around the camp talking and bonding with other cave women or went out gathering berries for a nice garnish for the meat the men would return with.  Me see berries over by rock. ooooh me not notice how berry stain go so nice with your pigskin dress.  What you do with your hair? Gonka did that to you, I wonder if Gonka can do that with my hair. Me tired of beehive -doo and need a change. honey drip in eyes from beehive but Klohnog like it like this. Hey speaking of Klohag Me think his brother Chuk-Chuk is cute and blah blah blah blah. Get the picture? It is like that when my wife shops she’l start a conversation with someone and it usally goes on forever (but always orbits around the “hair” topic, or at least comes back to visit it) and I’m given nasty looks if I so much as sigh a hint of boredom. Man I hate to Shop!

My son Riley gave his first large scale performance of a great poem he wrote for MLK day at his Kentwood High School.  He also played guitar while accompanying has friend who sang. I was so proud of him. He did both tasks flawlessly in front of about 2000 kids and was extremely well received. He is such a talented kid and I hopes he keeps the fire of passion with his music and poetry. I am so proud of all my kids as they go through life. I’m not so much concerned with their grades(which are all pretty good) as I am with their growing up to be good, kind, concerned people who know that part of their duty in life is to look out for their fellow man/woman. A good heart is much better to have than wealth and material things. If you have all of those, with the good heart above all, then you are truly blessed and I hope that you realize the material things can be taken in a blink of an eye. I know I am rambling here so I have to sign off. God Bless you in this new year and I hope that your dreams and prayers are answered. Later.