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Summer’s Done/ Miley Cyrus is a PIG!

Posted Aug 27th, 2013

Well suffice to say that it feels like Summer just flew past without even stopping to say hello. My middle child (3rd of 5) starts Middle school this year and I still remember her first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday. My oldest child graduates from University of Washington this year and my youngest daughter turns 3 in October so I am in for the long haul for sure.

Everybody is buzzing about the Miley Cyrus implosion on the MTV Awards Show the other night. I didn’t see it, don’t want to see it, don’t ever plan on seeing it. Hard to believe she was a Disney kid but I guess look at the recent track record of Disney’s brood with kids like Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan (the Parent Trap) and Britney Spears (I think she was actually a Mousketeer). Boy have times changed. Oh Walt would probably be rolling over in his grave. Could you ever imagine Annette Funicello (sp?) on drugs or shaving her head and loosing her kids or loosing all her dignity on a national televised event??? Miley Cyrus is a spoiled little degenerate Pig. There were young kids in that audience and she didn’t give a damn about that, not to mention the families that may watching from home. It makes me think of just void a family can be of good moral judgment

This is another good reason to unplug your TV’s. Most of what kids watch today is literally garbage. We disconnected the antennae/cable about 3 years ago and we don’t miss it. To be totally truthful though my kids still get stuff off of the internet so we have to screen that and  have parental locks. It’s not perfect but the TV is rarely on in our house anymore and when it is it is to play a video or music cd or such.

I have to admit I was a big tv watcher as a kid but they were shows like Wild Kingdom, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Get Smart, Carol Burnet and the like. It was a much more wholesome environment. A whole family could sit down in front of the tube and not be embarrassed by what was presented. Now it is just trash!! At any rate it is very late and we are taking the kids to the fair tomorrow so I have to close.  I can’t help but wonder what God thinks about when he blesses a child with talent, wealth, looks, and this is what she does with it. I think growing up around celebrities or being one at an early age is really , really bad for you and can actually ruin your life, and possibly your soul.

I’m glad I’m who I am and count my blessings for both answered and unanswered prayers.