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School is back IN!

Posted Sep 24th, 2012

I guess it has been a long time since I have posted hasn’t it. Not that anyone really ever reads these things anyway. Summer zipped by of course it was about half and half as far as beautiful weather versus so-so weather. All in all it was pretty darn good though!  I love the Pacific Northwest climate. You get a few hot days everyyear but you rarely ever have to worry about it sticking aroundvery long. Okay enough about the weather. The most important thing I believe (other than My wife and kids) is this upcoming election. I know there are a lot of people on both sides of the “aisle” who want the best for their lives and for those they love.  Both sides feel that they are right in their convictions and how to achieve that. Both feel that they love this country as much as the other. Both feel that in the eyes of their “Creator” that they are doing what is right and just……….but wait a minute. I think that is where we differ.  I think it is safe to say that the conservative side, which includes the religious right, probably has a stronger belief in God as a whole.

I watched in sadness and in disgust as the Democratic convention was airing their platform at the DN Convention a few weeks ago. Did you hear the chorus of boos when it was stated that “God” would be added back into the speech. People were actually “booing God”. This is most definitely not the Democratic party of my father. I am so totally for religious freedom and for people to worship freely in a way that they want to but WOW!

You can not deny that this country was founded on religious freedom and many risked their lives (and died) to cross the oceans to be able to do just that. When they first said that they going to omit God and snub Israel the Dems were all happy aboput it. When the flak started to fly then there was some flimsy excuse about it being a clerical error or such so they added those items back in. I am sorry but I feel that half the reason this country is in such a mess is that we have turned our backs to God. We don’t allow Him in our schools or public places.  The press makes fun of Christians on a regular basis. Our movies from Hollywood rarely have themes of good family values that have religious themes. We pass laws that say it is okay to strip a baby from it’s mothers womb and kill it.

How much more do you think God is going to take? Now we are booing Him in public arenas as we try to decide who is going to lead our country out of this mess we are in. I am sorry to say this but this is just the way I feel. If you vote for Obama in this election I don’t know how you can say you are following the Christian faith? there I said it and I’ll probably take some flak for it but hey I am an American and I have the right to say how I feel. At least for now! Pray for this country and pray hard!