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Possible Miscommunication- Black Star on the 14th!!!!

Posted Mar 17th, 2013

Just firing this off really quick to say that I had a tremndous weekend at Goldbergs and at Red’s Wine bar in Kent over the 8th and 9th respectively.  Specifically on the 9th at Red’s a group of about 12 people came in to listen to me and of course try some great food and wine. I was surprised to see them because I had met the couple who set this up a few weeks/months back up at the Uncorked Wine bar. At any rate Curt (Kirk) I hope I caught that right, but I remember you lived down in the Tacoma/Spanaway area and I told I was going to be there next month at the Black Star Pub and Grill. I will be there but I will be there onthe 14th (Sunday night) and NOT the 18th like I might have said. I’m getting older for sure and I can get a little mixed up now and then when I’m talking dates on the calender, and names. I hope you see this in time and don’t go the wrong night (if you still plan on going) because I would feel awful. And please tell your lovely bride that I will defintiely try to have a version of Big Yellow Taxi ready for her. Thank you so much again for bringing all those people with you to Red’s last Saturday night. The new owners were extremely impressed and happy about it, as was I.