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Our Angel is Home!!

Posted Mar 3rd, 2013

I am happy to say that my wife and son and daughter all made it home safely from China albeit a day late because of sickness. My daughter ended up catching the influenza virus as they were leaving China for Tokyo. They had to spend an extra day in Tokyo to visit a doctor. Made for a long trip but better to play it safe then to take chances, especially with a toddler. My daughter is adjusting at a rapid pace and will soon be running the place as most little ones do for a while at least. She went from not really wanting to give me eye contact to crying out my name “babba” when I come home from work and running up to get picked up and kissed. She is so sweet and loving. I thank God that her birth mother made the difficult, but right choice. This just once again proves why I am so set against abortion. My daughter will have the chance to be smothered in love and to have opportunities she might not have ever had. I can’t begin to tell you how much joy she has brought into our home. Hard work of course, any new child is, but so much laughter as she explores her strange new world. She is starting to speak and understand English a little more each day. She certainly knows how to communicate her needs. It is funny to hear her raise her voice in Chinese.  She is a spunky little girl with an attitude that will help her throughout life. She has some issues with her feet, which we will be working with Seattle Children’s Hospital later this month to plan a treatment (bi-lateral club feet) which should be correctable. When I am at work I truly think of my children many, many times throughout the day. As your kids get older and more independant, of course, the novelty wears off a bit for both parent and kids I think. “dad’s gott’a work late tonight? no big deal we’ll catch him later”.  I think it is just human nature and probably healthy at the same time. There is a reason birds eventually kick their young’ins out of the nest so they will learn to fly on their own. But I can honestly say that when I go to work I really miss my littler ones and I look forward to getting that welcome home hug from them. Makes my day!

Gott’a mention that my first Friday night at Goldbergs was fantastic!  There was a great turnout and many positive comments, from the patrons and the manager as well. Really a cool place to play. Saturday night at the 909 was another fun night and actually some of my dear friends from Goldbergs showed up at the 909 too! I saw some folks I had not seen for a while and all in all it was an amazing weekend. Well I have to run. Take care and God Bless!