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Getting into Holiday Season

Posted Nov 15th, 2011

Well it is here already. The Holiday Season. Weren’t we just worrying about our animals being protected from 4th of July fireworks?? Man I am telling you the time flies, and of course every decade after you turn 20 seems to kick into a higher gear. I think 15 to 20 are the slowest 5 years of your life. You are waiting to get your driver license, waiting to graduate, waiting to finally live on your own be it in college, military, or just out having adventures. Waiting for that first legal drink. Not important to me now of course because I am somewhat of a tea toteler, but I remember at the time it was a big deal. Then when you get about 22 to 25 you realize that in just a few years your high school 10 year reunion is coming up. A couple years after that and you are already in your thirties, probably settled down with a wife and maybe some kids and trying to make your way in your chosen field. 30 to 40 went like the wind, and 40 to 50 was like a laser beam. 50 is when you start thinking about why you didn’t invest in Microsoft when you  had the chance. dreading the fact that you have to now go in for your first colonoscopy………..yikes! I can’t imagine doing that as a career choice can you? Spending hours a day exploring where no man has ever gone before. I know it is neccessary and it saves lives but…..most definitely not a career choice I would have considered. Ranks right up there with being a mortician! Again neccessary but……

Just kind a babbling here but to anyone who reads this or knows me you probably know that I am (try to be) a devout Catholic. I fall short often but I try. I, like many other Catholics, are angered and ashamed when we read of the clergy sex abuse scandals that seem to hang in the news. Just when you think they finally got their act together and drummed out all these perverts another seems to pop up. I know this goes on in all churches, or organizations that seem to attract these evil beings who pray on children ( Penn Sate’s Jerry Sandusky for a recent example) but it never ceases to amaze me of the stupidity and immorality of these people who stand by and say nothing or don’t do enough. For example (besides Joe Paterno) I just came across the story of Archbishop Finn of the Kansas City Diocese. After all the church has been throiugh with these pervs and all the harm they  have caused with children what in the hell was he thinking???? He has known for months that one of his priests was participating in child pornogrophy with young girls in the parish and failed to tell the police, or the familes of the victims or do anything about it. Hellloooo anyone home in there McFly?  Personally I think he should be demoted or possibly even de-frocked. I am sorry but a person who does that, or helps in hiding it, or just turns the other way and allows it to continue is NOT a man of God. I don’t care if it was the Holy Father himself. If I found out that a priest, bishop, cardinal, coach or teacher, or whoever touched one of my kids in a harmful manner they would have a hard time eating corn on the cob.  Hard to chew corn with no teeth and besides you can’t walk to even get the corn with broken knee caps.  I know “vengence is the Lord’s” but I would just have to take that up Jesus at a later date because I know I couldn’t contain myself. In my mind and world they are no longer “holy people”. They are scum, soldiers of Satan and they decided that they want to follow him and not God.  I’m sorry but I would have a problem allowing my child to go with anyone on weekend to some event where I wasn’t present. Maybe that comes from 30 years of having a police commission. I have seen many horrible atrocities in my life and I am over-protective of my brood because of it. I don’t care! My kids can go through therapy in their adult life to deal with an over-protective father. At least I am going to do my darndest to make sure they make it there safe and sound. Well there I go ranting and raving again. Sorry.  Oh Yeah…Happy Holidays!!