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End of the World??

Posted May 21st, 2011

Hi There!  It’s good to see that New Zealand is still on the map and that there are no reported sitings of people being raptured and others falling into large crevices in the Earth ofr being crushed by toppling buildings. I totally believe that those things are likely to happen someday when Christ does return to Earth but only God himself is the one who knows when that time will be.  You think that people would learn not to follow these wackos who predict the end time, especially when they start picking the day and hour it commences. This guy’s organization basically “bilked ” people out of over a hundred million dollars. P.T. Barnum was so correct when he said “There’s a sucker born every minute”. Unfortunately people who are not well-versed or grounded in their beliefs leave themselves open to these scam artists. I think people have an innate nature to search and long for the truth and reason for their existence. What is life about and why are we here?  What is our purpose? Is there even a purpose or does our death mark the end of our existence? The answers are so obvious that I truly feel sorry for those who waste their lives searching for the answers.  Maybe it is a natural, healthy process, to question things and seek answers but there comes a time when you have to mature and start identifying the truth. A time when common sense should kick in and you recognize a nutball from someone who is on the right track. I certainly don’t pretend to have all the answers and I have my own questions about what the Church teaches and why, but I have an inner peace that comforts me because I know in my deepest of hearts that Jesus Christ makes sense in every way. I’m in no way a theologian or apologist but I think I have enough common sense to tell me when something just makes sense. I don’t wish any ill-will toward other religions and I hope that God will see the redeeming value in every sole on Earth. Sadly that is not the way it will be. There are those who will deny God up until the end and of course it will be too late for them (at least the way I understand it). I’ tend to ramble, sorry. Suffice to say that we should be living our lives like everyday will be our last on Earth. I know I fail to do that like most people.  Maybe this apocalyptic prediction, if not embraced by people, will at least inspire some to start examining their lives and try to renew their relationship with God. Not a bad thing to do because who knows when the last day will be?