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Oly and the Hydrants! Muckleshoot Casino!

Boy have I ever been busy lately!  I joined a new band just recently and we had our first gig together at the Muckleshoot Casino on Tuesday night, October 11th.  We will be there again on the 18th of October which will be this upcoming Tuesday night from 5:00 until 9:00.  Actually this band is the Wally and the Beavs band featuring Danny Vernon, (Wally), who is one of the nations top elvis impersonators as well.  It turned out that Danny (Wally) had a few Elvis shows out of state so I was brought in to help fill in for him until his return. Boy was it fun!  I hadn’t played in a R &R band for many years had kind’a forgot what a blast it was. The band has some incredible talent in it and they were all just a great bunch of guys. If you get the chance to come out and listen that would be great! Well this is going to be a short one tonight because it is very late and I am starting to nod off. On another note I will be playing with the Chris Ward Band in the next few weeks (I told you I have been busy). Chris Ward is a country singer who was a signed artist with Warner Brothers back in the mid-ninties. Chris is an AMAZING singer and songwriter and I feel so honored to even be on the same stage as Chris and the rest of the band, led by Ross Nyberg, who is a guitar wizard. I’ll give you more info on as it becomes available. 

I will still be doing the solo stuff at places like Pulcinella’s and Red’s Wine Bar so please come out when you can. Hope to see you around.

God Bless,


Have a safe 9/11 weekend!

The kids are back in school after what seemed to be the shortest summer I can ever remember. My youngest is in first grade this year. I think this is the first time in about 20 years that I actually have a full day (8:30 – 3:15) off to try and accomplish things around the house. The weather of late has been incredible in the last few weeks. Now we are finally getting our summer weather. With the 9-11 ten year anniversary coming up one can’t escape the visual reminders of how we were all stunned on that day. When the first plane hit I thought it was probably some pilot with a heart attack or something plausible like that. Then of course the hideous truth came out. When the 2nd plane hit it was like time froze. I know exactly where I was and I drive that same route all the time. Each time I pass I remember. But I also remember the days following how everyone pulled together. There were no Democrats and Republicans. There were no differences in our races. We were just all Americans and we were hurting. We were mad as hell and we all knew that somehow we would get through this together and someone was going to pay. I remember driving down the street and there would be these small mobs of patriots waving flags and holding banners and signs and cars were honking as they drove by. It makes my eyes well up with tears just thinking about it. I am so thankful to God above that I was blessed to be born in America. We have not always done things right and have made some mistakes but we are most times  a self-correcting society that eventually comes around to what is right and just. We will prevail through this economy as well and eventually come out stronger than ever. There are those who will hate us and want to defeat us, those who cannot stand that we are an open society. Those who are crazy enough to fly planes into our buildings and kill innocent civilians. I think there will be a special place in hell for those maniacs. Please be careful out there at all times but especially this weekend. And as always please continue to pray for those who protect us now and of course for those 9-11 vitctims and their families.

God Bless

Wonderful Time at Mary Queen of Peace!

Just wanted to do a little “shout out” to all of the great parishoners I met at Mary Queen of Peace Church, on the Sammamish Plateau on Sunday. Thanks to my good friend David Yackley for inviting me to play for their Summerfest Celebration. It was the hottest day of the year so far (which isn’t saying much) at about 89 degrees and there was a wonderful turn out. Thanks Mark for helping me get all set up and thanks to all the wonderful comments from the folks who attended. The food was awesome as well. I really enjoyed myself and had a truly blessed afternoon. What a great group of people getting together for a fun celebration. I hope to play there again sometime in the future.