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Red’s Wine Bar Blast!

Just firing off a quick note here to say THANK YOU to all of those who were able to make it down to Red’s Wine Bar in Kent last night.  I had a great time and I think everyone else enjoyed themselves as well.  I know three hours went by pretty darn quick!  Special thanks to JJ, Darlene, Kim, Sherry and the crew of 10 that showed up, and I made some new friends as well (Dana and Ray) that stayed for the whole evening. A great place to play and a great place for some awesome food and impressive wine list. I will be back on August 20th so I hope to see you back and bring along some friends as well. I really appreciate your support and friendship. It is very humbling to me that you take some of your valuable time and of course your financial resources too, and spend an evening where I am playing. God Bless!

Passing of a Great Man

I am sorry to say that on July 17th,2011, I  lost a very important man in my life, my father-in-law, Lawrence Trucano. My wife’s father was a wonderful guy whom I loved very much and I feel truly honored to have known him. I enjoyed every one of his visits to Seattle and always a little sad when he returned to Minnesota. He was born and raised on the family farm back in northern Minnesota and eventually raised his own family(my wife and her three siblings) on the same farm. It was homsteaded by his Italian immigrant grandparents.  I couldn’t have picked better in-laws if I wanted to. You hear all those “in-law” jokes but I truly wanted this man to live with us, especially after my mother-in-law died some 11 years earlier. I could take a couple pages to write about him but suffice to say the expression “salt of the earth” could have been born from this man. He was 88 years old when he left this Earth but I have no doubt that he is feeling like a young man again. He is with his wife, Rose, the love of his life, and with his daughter, my sister-in-law Maria. I will miss him but I know that if I live my life right and serve the Lord I will get to see him and my own parents some day. What a joyous thought to behold. Later, God Bless!

Appearance on National Cable Show

Hey there! Just excited to let you know that some very close friends and I will be performing Wednesday night, June 29th, on “America Sings”, which will be broadcast over the Gospel Music Channel. We will be competing against various church choirs and a’capella groups from across the country for a $10,000 prize. It is a veiwer votes type of contest so I hope you can tune in and give us your support. For Comcast customers in the Seattle area, the channel is ….are you ready…#482 haha! Its out there but I hope you can find it, tune in and give us your support by voting for us. We are “The Guardians” and we are made up of Police Officers (of which I used to be) and a lone Firefighter (what I am now). Hope you enjoy it. God Bless!
the following is a link to the show: